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Caregivers can face challenges and obstacles while trying to care for their loved ones, becoming a recognized member of the health care team as a Care Partner can help you as a Caregiver to make a difference by linking to the hospital and the community resources available, engaging and learning to effectively communicate with health team members through the education and the training provided. Involved Care Partners can not only can improve the care the of patient but can help to reduce the risk of preventable harm.

A Designated Care Giver/Care Partner is an essential person who is selected by the patient and cares for them providing comfort, social and cultural interaction, emotional and physical support, as well as speaking on behalf of the patient when he/she cannot speak.

A designated Care Partner is not a casual visitor, but rather someone who is chosen by the patient or their Substitute Decision Maker.  The Care Partner comes to the hospital to assist with the daily changing care of the patient.

Care Partners maybe a parent, a spouse or a child (at least 16 years of age) or a significant other who can provide a meaningful connection.  An appointed guardian, a cultural or community member or a translator may also become a Care Partner as every situation is unique to the patient’s current condition.

  • A Care Partner is essential but not necessarily the Power of Attorney for Personal Care nor the Power of Attorney for Property.
  • A Care Partner can be a relative, a friend or a significant other not necessarily living with the patient.
  • A designated care partner can be anyone 16 years and older.
  • A designated care partner can provide support and care for shirt periods of time (e.g. days) or for extended periods of time.
Caregivers can face challenges and obstacles, and yet experience very rewarding moments, while caring for their family and friends.

The purpose of this survey is to help us to better understand your experience as a designated care giver so that Sault Area Hospital can better support you and improve your experience.

(adapted from: Change Foundation (2020). Changing Care, A Survey About Caregiving).  This text has been developed in conjunction with our Patient and Family Advisors.

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* 1. Based on the description provided, do you see yourself as a designated caregiver?

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* 2. What do you see as having been the impact(s) of the visitation restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic on the person who provide support to?

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* 3. What kind of care activities did you provide as an essential caregiver?

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* 4. The person I am providing support for is:

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* 5. Did you receive a designated care partner ID badge to visually identify yourself to others as a designated care partner to my family member/friend?

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* 6. If you had a Care Partner Identification [card, badge, lanyard], did it seem to improve your experience as a care partner?

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* 7. Did you engage in training on important topics such as infection prevention and control practices in order to become a Designated Care Partner?

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* 8. Did this training assist you in ability to effectively fulfill the role of a Designated Care Partner?

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