Welcome stranger,

Erewyrehve (ehr-roo-reev) is a postcapitalist and primitivist land founded on principles of self-organisation, mutual co-operation and common ownership.

In this curious land, everyday life is very different to that which the majority of us experience today. There is no work - at least not in the form we know it. Technology has been purposefully minimised so that it aids, rather than conditions, our interactions with the world and each other. Institutions have been dismantled and replaced with a network of many grassroots initiatives where power is distributed equally and fairly. Art and culture are not professional 'sectors' but activities ingrained in the everyday experience of all. Aesthetics, social relations, feelings and ethics are valued above techno-scientific rational knowledge. Progress is an empty concept because the present is fulfillment enough ... (scroll down)

To become a native of Erewyrehve, you are asked to fill in a short questionnaire. There are 7 sections with 3 questions per section, taking an average of 20 minutes to complete. Please answer the following questions, as if you are a member of the society, and take a step closer to this postcapitalist utopia.