Thank you for helping us understand your experience with cardiovascular disease. Your privacy will be protected and none of your personal information or contact details will be shared, published or distributed. Your contribution to this research is truly appreciated and will greatly assist us in developing mobile health tools that help people get better together. Thanks so much, the team.

* 1. Please indicate your age.

* 2. Please indicate your gender.

* 3. If you have had heart surgery, please select an answer below that best describes the type of surgery.

* 4. Did you receive any instructions or notebooks for managing your health after surgery?

* 5. Did you feel that you were physically and emotionally ready to go home on discharge from the hospital?

* 6. What kind of instructions did you receive?

* 7. Could you easily understand and follow the instructions?

* 8. What kind of information did you or do you still keep track of on a daily basis?
(e.g. blood pressure, diet, activity)

* 9. Did you experience any emotional or psychological challenges related to your transition home? If yes, please describe.
(e.g. social, psychological, emotional, sense of well-being, stress)

* 10. Did you experience any difficulty changing your lifestyle as prescribed in your instructions? What was the hardest change to make?
(e.g. diet changes, physical activity, smoking cessation)

* 11. What could have made your recovery easier?

* 12. Reflecting on your experience, would you have wanted to interact with a peer support group of people going through the same recovery experience?

* 13. Again, based on your own experience, would you have found it helpful to have a mobile app or software program to help you understand and track your recovery instructions?