This is a short survey for all youth representatives in, or associated with, the British Youth Council (BYC) , to share your stories of the positive activities you have been engaging in recently. Whether you are a Youth Councillor, a Member of Youth Parliament, a Young Mayor, a national or other local member of BYC,  or in any other position where you represent other young people in your area, we want to hear all about it!

The British Youth Council know you are all doing fantastic work locally but it can be difficult to promote these positive examples to a wider audience, so this is one opportunity to do just that. BYC will share the stories regionally and nationally, with local councillors and MPs, the Government and other decision-makers.

Over the next year we will give you the opportunity to update us once a quarter on what you have been up to, so we have just asked a few questions with enough space for you to tell us as much as you want about what you have been up to. This year we also want to feature award winners and those in the news. Photos are welcome too.

Staying Positive: Although we try not to edit any entries to allow you to be represented in your own words, the British Youth Council reserves the right to edit submissions if they are very long, and all submissions will be checked for compliance with the British Youth Council standard policies for publications to ensure the content doesn't contain anything inappropriate (for example libelous or party political statements). We don't expect to do this often! You can always check previous editions to see what others have submitted:

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