The Port of New Orleans is planning for the future! Please take 10 minutes to read through the following informational slides including a 3-minute video about your Port, and then complete a brief survey at the end. Our goal is to better understand you and your interests, so that we can design ways to keep you informed and engaged in the future.

The purpose of these slides is to inform you about Port NOLA:
  • Port NOLA is developing a master plan that will lay out a vision for the next 20 years and we expect to have a draft Master Plan for public review in the fall of 2017.
  • The Master Plan objectives are: Operate Efficiently, Capitalize on Geography and History, and Develop Sustainably.
  • We also anticipate many more initiatives that will rely on stakeholder and community engagement.
  • The opportunities are great - we must prioritize critical infrastructure considering available resources.
Looking to the future, we value interacting with our customers and communities. We want to know:
  • What is most important to you about your Port?
  • How best can the Port facilitate interactions with you going forward and beyond the master plan?

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