In September 2010, EPA initiated the process of upgrading the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager energy benchmarking tool to improve the speed, usability, and functionality of the tool. The full upgrade will take place over a period of 18-24 months. In order to shape our development plans, we are inviting input from stakeholders on various aspects of Portfolio Manager. Please feel free to complete the following brief questionnaire to provide your input, and thank you for your time and interest.

* How would you describe your business or organization?

* What is your role in your business or organization?

* How would you describe Portfolio Manager to someone else?

* How would you describe your experience using Portfolio Manager (e.g., length of time, frequency, features you use)?

* How did you learn how to use Portfolio Manager?

* Do you help other people learn how to use it? If so, how?

* How do you resolve issues/problems you encounter while using Portfolio Manager?

* What are the top three things that frustrate you when you use Portfolio Manager?

* What are the top three things that Portfolio Manager doesn't do now, but that we should consider including in the upgrade?

* Do you have any other comments, suggestions or explanations for your responses? If so, please use the space below.

* EPA may wish to contact you to clarify some of your responses or to gather additional information. Please indicate below if you grant permission for EPA to contact you.

If you indicate "yes," please provide your contact information (phone and email address).