First Step in our Hiring Process - Portfolio Manager Questionnaire

Thank you for visiting our page and looking to fill in our application for our Portfolio Manager positions.  This form will assist you in self-qualifying for this type of position with our company.  We feel this is a tremendous opportunity for a Licensed Texas Realtor to get to manage homes, and build their sphere of influence all while being mentored by our experienced staff.  

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Do you have an Active Texas Real Estate License?

* 3. If you have a current Real Estate License - what is your license number?

* 4. If you have a current Real Estate License - how many sales transactions have you closed in the last 24 months?

* 5. Why would you be considering a change from conventional real estate sales into a Property Management role?

* 6. What about this position has attracted you the most?

* 7. Describe to us something in your experience that will help you in this role as a Portfolio Manager?

* 8. Have you ever worked with owners or tenants in leasing homes either single family or apartments?

* 9. Have you ever worked in a customer service role where you had to communicate with clients on a regular basis?

* 10. Is there anything going on in your life with family obligations or personal interests that would preclude you from committing to a full time position?

* 11. Tell us about your history of living in San Antonio and any future plans with your living situation.

* 12. Feel free to include any details about yourself or this position you are most interested in.

* 13. How soon would you be looking for Full Time Employment?

Once you are complete with this questionnaire - hit the button below.  We will review your answers and be in touch with you soon!

* 14. When complete with this survey - ensure that you send us your resume via email to: