RentWerx San Antonio currently has a position open for a Portfolio Manager in our expanding business of managing single family homes. This position is for a candidate who possesses proven customer service skills.  The un-licensed person has an opportunity to earn their Texas Real Estate Salespersons license while working as a Portfolio Manager.  A licensed Realtor may progress to Phase II after 90 days from the date of hire.

TIMEFRAME:  Immediate Start Date

PROJECTED COMPENSATION:  $50,000 to $100,000+

Upon hire date, training and compensation will be broken into Two Phases:

Licensed Realtor® Portfolio Manager

Phase I:  This portion of the position will consist of the on-boarding and training of the new portfolio manager. During this phase, you will be required to place your real estate license with our brokerage and pay any fees involved in crossing over to our company.  Any current listings can be transferred to RentWerx San Antonio and under your SABOR MLS name. Compensation will begin for managing the homes assigned under Phase I on your hiring date.

Phase II: Phase II will begin 90 days from completion of Phase I training.

Non-Licensed Portfolio Manager

Phase I: This phase of the position will consist of on-boarding and training of a new portfolio manager. After successfully completing 180 days with Larsen Properties as a Portfolio Manager, you will be eligible for FULL REIMBURSEMENT of all class expenses and licensing fees in becoming a Licensed Realtor in Texas. 

Phase II: Once the Texas Salesperson Real Estate License has been successfully obtained, and 180 days have passed with successful portfolio management performance, you will be eligible to advance to the Phase II compensation level and receive full reimbursement for all Real Estate Classes and ONE attempt at testing for your Real Estate License.

Minimum Salary – or - Revenue Share:  The Portfolio Manager position will be compensated in one of two manners. The PM will receive the GREATER of the two compensation packages during Phase I and II of either the $24,000 minimum salary, or upon their calculated revenue share – be the revenue share percentage of their portfolio earnings. 

PHASE I Descriptions and Compensation:
1) Attend and Complete All Training for Portfolio Management University
2) Attend and Complete the TLRS Training in person at SABOR
3) Minimum Annual Salary of $24,000. ($1,000 paid twice per month)  
4) Revenue Share of 15% of Management Fee Income
5) Revenue Share of 15% of Tenant Admin Fees  
6) Revenue Share of 50% of Renewal Fee Income
7) Non-Licensed PM after 180 Days is Eligible for Real Estate Licensing Reimbursement
PHASE II Descriptions and Compensation:
1) Minimum Annual Salary of $24,000 ($1,000 Paid Twice Per Month)
2) Revenue Share of 20% of Management Fee Income
3) Revenue Share of 20% of Tenant Admin Fees
4) Revenue Share of 50% of Renewal Fee Income
Incentives and Reimbursements for Both Phases:
1) SABOR Quarterly and Annual Dues: 50% Reimbursement Coverage
2) Sales Referral Incentive: $250 per closed transaction from Portfolio Homes Managed
3) Personal and Referral Sales or Rentals Commission Split: 80/20
4) Portfolio Sales of Managed homes: 30/70
Recruiting Incentive:  5% Commission Referral

* 1. I have reviewed the above position in detail and understand the terms and requirements.

* 2. Contact Information

* 3. Do you have an Active Texas Real Estate License?

* 4. If you have a current Real Estate License - what is your license number?

* 5. If you have a current Real Estate License - how many sales transactions have you closed in the last 24 months?

* 6. Why would you be possibly considering a change from conventional real estate sales into a Property Management role?

* 7. What about this position has attracted you the most?

* 8. Describe to us something in your experience that will help you in this role as a Portfolio Manager?

* 9. Describe to us any experience you have in Property Management.

* 10. Have you ever worked in a customer service role where you had to communicate with clients on a regular basis?

* 11. Is there anything going on in your life with family obligations or personal interests that would preclude you from committing to a full time position?

* 12. Tell us about your history of living in San Antonio and any future plans with your living situation.

* 13. Feel free to include any details about yourself or this position you are most interested in.

* 14. How soon would you be able to transition into working with us as a Portfolio Manager?

Once you are complete with this questionnaire ensure to send us a copy of your resume. We will review your answers and be in touch with you soon!

* 15. When complete with this survey - ensure that you send us your resume via email to: