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CBRC believes Canada's ban on poppers does more harm than good by making it more difficult to access a safe supply of poppers. We are collecting stories from poppers users about the positive benefits of using poppers, and the negative impacts of the poppers ban, to help make a case for Health Canada to reconsider its policy on poppers. 
In Canada, the use of poppers has been common in both nightlife and sexual contexts for several decades. They have the effect of relaxing smooth muscle tissues, which can make bottoming safer, easier, and more pleasurable. 
Poppers have technically always been illegal to sell for consumption in Canada; however, they were available for purchase as products like room odorizers and leather cleaners, though they were rarely used for these purposes. This was a legal “gray area”.
In 2013, Health Canada initiated enforcement of the ban on the sale of alkyl nitrite products. It is unclear why the crackdown was initiated in 2013, given little evidence pertaining to both the harms and benefits of poppers use, as well as the impact of the changed policies on poppers users.

Many people still use poppers in Canada in spite of the crackdown – in 2019, more than a quarter of men surveyed by CBRC’s National Sex Now Survey reported having used poppers in the last 12 months.  Survey data also suggest that there has been no appreciable decline in poppers use between the years 2012 and 2017, pointing to the ineffectiveness of the ban at curbing their use.  

We want to hear stories from Canadians about how the poppers ban has impacted you! 

These stories will help inform our work to encourage Health Canada and elected officials to re-think the policy on poppers and enable a safe, accessible supply for poppers users in Canada. Please note that this is not a formal research study; it is an informal exercise aimed at gathering accounts of how the ban on poppers has negatively impacted poppers users. 
Your story may be used in part or in whole in public-facing documents and campaigns. Any information that could be used to identify you will be removed prior to being shared.
Questions or comments? Contact us at poppers@cbrc.net.

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* 1. First, please tell us about why you use poppers. What are the benefits of using poppers to you?

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* 2. Now please tell us about how the ban on poppers has impacted you in negative ways. This could be a story about what you've had to do in order to get poppers, experiences with poppers you bought from untrustworthy sources,  or any other story that helps to show how the ban on poppers is negatively impacting our communities. 

Your story can be as short or as long as you want!

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* 3. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us regarding Canada's ban on poppers?

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* 4. We are planning to highlight a number of stories shared with us by exploring them in more detail. If you are open to us contacting you to learn more about your story, please leave an e-mail address or phone number you can be reached at.

If you prefer to remain anonymous or don't want to share your contact information, feel free to leave this blank.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us! Your story may be used in part or in whole in public-facing documents and campaigns. Any information that could be used to identify you will be removed prior to being shared.