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* 1. Unit Contact Info

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* 2. Approx how many Scouts do you think will sell? (We won't hold you to it, we just need a ballpark for supplies)

Note: We are using the technical math term "ish" to represent estimating.

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* 3. Where would your unit like to pick up your Kick Off Kit?

Update 8-12-20
There are three options now that the program kick offs have happened.

Option 1
Pick up at Base Camp. Please wait until we email you its ready.

Option 2
We will work to have someone in the field meet you and give you a kit. 

Option 3
You have already picked up your Kit

Note: You do not have to personally pick it up. Someone from your unit can pick up for you. Ask your committee chair if anyone is going to pick up School Night and other materials for your unit and have them pick up your popcorn kit as well.

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* 4. Video Trivia Question

What is the name of the vehicle that will bring popcorn out into the Council during the sale for reorders?

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* 5. Troops/Crews
Do you want the 4% cash option? 

Packs skip to next question please

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I understand that the Show and Deliver order due date has backed up to Aug 25. 

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* 7. Lastly, thank you for filling this out.

Please click below stating you understand that Northern Star will be updating the training percentage when things slow down a bit at the office and it will not show up in your account until September. Thank you!

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