Survey Introduction

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this important survey. To our knowledge, this may be among the first attempts at documenting internationally how aquatic facilities manage the risk of lightning strikes. We anticipate that this survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Data is being requested from those who own, operate, manage, work at or help set policies for aquatic venues (both indoor and outdoor). 

Our goal is to receive one response per organization/municipality/corporate entity rather than separate responses from each pool operated by an organization, unless the risks are managed differently by facility (in which case separate submissions would be helpful).

The overarching intent of this survey is to get a better sense of the current trends and approaches to managing the safety risks that arise during electrical events (e.g. thunderstorms) and to determine whether trends may vary by geographic location. Of particular interest is whether a standard practice exists for closure of an indoor pool during an electrical storm. It is our hope that the data collected will be useful to those seeking to make evidence-based decisions on managing lightning risks at aquatic facilities. Benchmarking best practices is part of the risk management process.

Information from this survey will be used, in aggregate, for an upcoming presentation at the 2019 Association of Aquatic Professionals Annual Conference and may be used in future publications. A summary report of key findings will be prepared once the survey closes and data has been compiled and analyzed. This summary report will be made available via email to those survey participants who request a copy when submitting their responses.

In order to ensure data collected addresses the possibility of over representation of any one organization, you will be asked to identify the facility at which you work/manage. This helps ensure that if two people from one organization/facility participate in the survey, their results will not each be counted as though the submissions were from two separate organizations. Instead, data will be compiled so that only one set of answers is provided for each unique organization. In the example of two submissions from one organization, it might also be necessary for the researcher to contact the venue to clarify any discrepancies between submissions.

Names of participating aquatic venues will not be disclosed unless consent to use the facility name is provided. We would like to be able to publicly thank those facilities that contribute to this project. This also lends credibility to the research and allows for independent fact-checking of results presented.

In order for you to be able to edit your response after you submit (e.g. to correct any mistakes), the survey will require you to submit your email address. This will also enable us to contact you, if authorized, for clarification of any of your responses. This is also the email address that we will send the finalized summary of key findings.

When completing the survey, please be certain to use only the buttons in the footer itself rather than the forward and backward arrows on your browser. Please try not to skip any questions in the sections that you see -- you should only see questions based upon your prior responses. Responses with skipped questions may be excluded.

Please note that product/service names in this survey are not intended to be endorsements but rather are only used as examples. We have received no incentives, financial or otherwise, from any of the companies/services mentioned in this study.

Please share this survey widely with your peers at other facilities and via social media outlets so that we can get a good sample size from around the world. We need your help to make this happen!

Thank you for your help and

Question Title

* 1. Do you own, operate, manage, work at or help set risk management policies for an aquatic facility?