FiveThirtyEight's Third Poll of Pollsters

This is a survey of U.S. political pollsters ahead of the Nov. 4, 2014 election. Responses will be aggregated for reports on The survey is being sent to pollsters with at least 15 polls in our database since 1998. (See our report on the first poll of pollsters, our report on the second, plus full poll results.) 
After each set of questions, there is a required question asking whether you wish to publicly associate your name and your polling organization's name with the answers to that set of questions. The only things that will be attributed to you are the fact of your participation, plus information you agree can be attributed to you; everything else will be anonymized.

Please don't share the link to this poll with others, or publish or share any of the questions, until after we have posted the results.

Responses must be submitted by Wednesday, Oct. 29, at noon ET to be included in our report.

This poll should take roughly 20 minutes to complete, if you answer every optional question.

Please email with any questions.