Office of Emergency Management

* 1. From the following list, please check what you think are the most serious potential natural hazards for your community:

* 2. Have you ever experienced or been impacted by a hazard occurrence?  If yes, please describe.

* 3. Have you taken any actions to make your home or neighborhood more resistant to hazards?  If yes, please describe.

* 4. In your opinion, what are some steps your local government could take to reduce or eliminate the risk of future hazards in your neighborhood?

* 5. Please rate on a 1-5 scale the importance of activity types listed below.

  1 - Less Important 2 3 4 5 - More Important
Rules that guide the way land is used and how buildings are built.
Hardening buildings to make them wind and fire resistant.
Road elevation, flood, drainage improvement.
Warning systems and protection for critical facilities.
Public education on hazard preparedness and prevention.
Natural resource protection and management.

* 6. For grant-related purposes and to ensure our office is surveying residents county-wide, please provide your name and address below.

* 7. Please feel free to provide additional comments and suggestions below.

Thank you for completing this survey!