Experiences With Podcasts

With this questionnaire we are aiming to understand the relationships people have with podcasts and what we can do to bring that to virtual reality.

We've worked to keep things as simple as possible for you, feel free to keep your answers short or tell us as much as you'd like! We appreciate you helping us in crafting the Podrift experience.

* 1. How many podcasts are you subscribed to?

* 2. Approximately how many hours a week do you spend listening to podcasts?

* 3. How many podcast episodes did you download from the internet last month approximately?

* 4. When listening to podcasts, where do you usually do so?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
At Home
At Work
In the car
Whilst exercising
In Public
Whilst Waiting

* 5. When listening to podcasts, how often do you use these devices?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Mini Tablet
iPod / MP3 device
Laptop / Desktop (PC / Mac)

* 6. Do you listen to podcasts alone or with other people?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
With Friends
With Co-Workers

* 7. How often and how do you interact with a podcasts in the following ways?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Call In / Voicemail