Thank you for agreeing to participate in our survey on mobile use. Your participation is very important to the study and we appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions.

All your responses will be held in the strictest confidence—we will not collect or release your name or any other identifying information. When we report the results of this study, readers will be interested in knowing who the participants are in general terms. Please answer the following questions about yourself for this purpose. This information will be used to describe the variety of people in the study (e.g., that they ranged in age from 18-82), not to identify anyone personally.

The responses to this survey will be used to identify candidates to participate in our study on smartphone use. Participants in our smartphone study may earn up to $240 toward their phone bills in exchange for downloading an application on their phone that would track their app usage and location in order to identify when users are most vulnerable to cyber attacks. If you are interested in participating in our smartphone study, you must complete this questionnaire.

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1. What is your gender?

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2. What is your age?

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3. Is your cell phone a smartphone? Smartphones typically have touch displays and you can install applications on them.