How Are We Collectively Moving the Needle?

We are each individually advancing the participatory medicine movement in our day to day work. Understanding the work we are conducting in our individual silos can help us learn from one another, allow us to build upon ideas, forge collaborations, provide a forum for feedback and suggestions, and hopefully avoid duplication of efforts. 

* 1. What participatory medicine pillar does this align to?

* 2. Please describe your initiative.

* 3. Can you describe the above in three words or less?

* 4. Please describe the impact that your initiative has had on engaging and empowering patients, and/or advancing participatory medicine.

* 5. What problem does your work/initiative address?

* 6. Please summarize this problem in three words or less.

* 7. Please share any specific metrics you have on how your solution is advancing participatory medicine

* 8. Does your work/initiative include the patient as partner? If so, how? If not, please describe challenges.

* 9. Please describe any barriers you have encountered, if any.