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* How well do each of the following statements describe your company/organization/brand?

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The strategic approach for our brand is focused on a single core idea and we have defined a unique value position for our brand.
All our marketing communications and creative assets are designed based on our strategic approach and brand promise.
Our brand promise is well articulated and we deliver on it in all channels at all times.
Our marketing communications speak to our benefit to customers and are developed with the customers’ perspective in mind.
We have defined our target market and developed market segments and profiles.
We know what our customers value most about our company/product, and what their primary areas of dissatisfaction are.
We have developed a messaging strategy for each of our priority target segments.
We have identified all customer touch points and have brand guidelines and procedures that ensure customer interactions always deliver our brand promise across all channels.
All our marketing communications include a call to action and we have a measurable goal for each communication piece.
We have a process in place to measure how well and consistently we communicate key brand messages and deliver on our brand promise.