Pleasant Ridge Community Energy Strategic Plan Feedback

The Pleasant Ridge Community Energy Strategic Plan (CESP) is a continuation of energy planning measures begun in 2016 in partnership with EcoWorks and the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office (SEMREO) with funding from the Michigan Energy Office. In July 2016 an Energy Management Plan Framework (EMPF) was developed by EcoWorks establishing guidelines for future energy management within the municipality and on June 14th, 2016 the Pleasant Ridge City Commission adopted a Resolution in Support of developing a Community Energy Strategic Plan.

Supporting the overall Energy Vision, the CESP establishes a formal municipal Energy Protocol, specifies metrics for progress evaluation, and provides a detailed Municipal Energy Baseline to support clear and accurate energy accounting. The Baseline is followed by the Energy Plan which discusses building performance, identifies prioritized improvement areas, and reviews current progress towards meeting the Energy Protocol. Supporting the Energy Plan, Decision Making and Funding Structures are presented. Lastly, a section titled Beyond 2020 covers re-evaluation and introduces energy planning pathways beyond the 2020 energy goals in support of future energy management initiatives.

The purpose of the Pleasant Ridge Community Energy Survey is to gain a better understanding of community energy priorities to assist in plan development and future municipal decision-making on energy management. A copy of the Pleasant Ridge Community Energy Strategic Plan can be found here and please complete the following survey by June 28th, 2017 to have your feedback included in the plan development process.

* 1. Energy Vision: The City of Pleasant Ridge will increase the financial and environmental sustainability of local government operations through active support for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives at municipal facilities. By these efforts, the City will reduce energy usage 25% by year 2020 compared to the 2015 baseline, and will be a regional leader on energy sustainability issues.

Are there any aspects of the Pleasant Ridge Energy Vision that could be improved upon?

* 2. Which two benefits of a Community Energy Strategic Plan do you feel are most important?

* 3. To what extent is improving energy efficiency in municipal facilities a priority for you?

* 4. Are there any other comments or ideas you would like to share in helping to shape the Community Energy Strategic Plan?

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