Thank you for taking the time to share your say in DC play. Play DC is a multi-year effort to provide the District’s children and adults with exciting, innovative, and inclusive play spaces.

After community meetings for each Play DC site, we also collected your feedback via this survey. We are now hosting second meetings for each site to present concept designs.

Please select your site and provide comments on the concept designs.

We encourage you to think beyond traditional playgrounds to the entire space at your site, and to think about multiple ways of enjoying play and recreation for multiple ages. If you have any other feedback or questions, please feel free to send an email to If you would like a larger PDF version of your site's concept, please send an email to with the name of the site and that you'd like a PDF concept design.

We will attempt to post concepts 1-2 days after each second meeting. Please see below: if your concept has not yet been posted, please do not attempt to take the survey.

Surveys for each site will close ONE WEEK after they are posted. Deadlines for submitting comments on the concepts are listed below.

Second meetings already held:

Harry Thomas - survey now closed
Douglass - survey now closed
Congress Heights - survey now closed
Ft. Greble - survey now closed
Randall - survey now closed
Benning Park - survey now closed
Palisades - survey now closed
Takoma - survey now closed
Emery - survey now closed
Fort Stevens - survey now closed
Hamilton - survey now closed
Upshur - survey now closed
Turkey Thicket - 12/26
Brentwood - 12/26
Macomb - 12/27
Newark - 12/27
Kennedy - 12/27
Banneker - 12/28
Harrison - 12/28
Hillcrest - 12/28