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Thank you for recently using our services. We aim to provide our clients with a fair, efficient and courteous service at all times- together with clear information about the products and type of services we offer. Your feedback is important to us as it allows us to evaluate the high quality of service we strive to provide to our clients.

Feedback is being sought from a sample of clients seen by our advisers within the last 6 months to establish an understanding of how their service is perceived by clients.

* 1. Please insert the following information in the comment box below:

Full Name:

How courteous was/were the staff member/s you dealt with?

* 3. How confident were you in the knowledge of the adviser?

* 4. How efficiently did you feel that your case was dealt with

* 5. If a problem occurred, did we rectify it satisfactorily

* 6. Please rate your level of satisfaction with our service in the following areas:

  5 Very satisfied 4 Somewhat satisfied 3 Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied 2 Somewhat Dissatisfied 1 Very Dissatisfied
Understanding my needs

Did you understand how much you would be charged for services provided by your adviser?

* 8. Did you understand when and how you would need to pay your adviser?

* 9. Did you understand the type and level of service you received from your adviser?

* 10. Did you receive a written explanation of the services that you would receive from your adviser, as well as the costs?

* 11. What happened as a result of speaking with your adviser?

* 12. Is your adviser providing an on-going service to support the initial advice they provided?

* 13. Did you ever receive a written explanation of the key features and cost of the product?

* 14. How clear did you find the literature? (please use the comments box at the end to expand if you feel the literature could be improved)

* 15. Thinking about the overall level of service we provided, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

* 16. Please use the space below to expand on any of the points above or tell us about other areas of our service which you feel could be improved or where you feel we did well. You can also tell us about anything that wasn’t clear on this questionnaire.
If you’d like us to contact you regarding your feedback, please provide your contact details and tell us the best time/method to reach you.