Your opinions are very important in informing the City of Renton's future efforts to reduce plastic bag use. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey.

* 1. Do you live in the City of Renton?

* 2. How often, if at all, do you shop for groceries in the City of Renton?

* 3. When shopping for groceries, do you usually:

* 4. What do you typically do with your plastic bags?

  Throw away in garbage Recycle at home (curbside or building) Recycle at grocery store Reuse Don't have
Plastic shopping bags
Plastic produce bags
Plastic bread bags
Plastic dry cleaning bags
Plastic wrap on products (paper towels, paper plates, diapers, etc.)

* 5. Please complete the following statement by selecting all options that apply.
"I am concerned about plastic bags because":

* 6. Some cities are taking action to discourage the use of disposable shopping bags. If there is a charge for each paper and plastic bag, how much would you be willing to pay for the convenience of getting a disposable shopping bag at checkout? The charge would only apply to large bags for carrying items out of the store and not to smaller bags for meat or produce.

* 7. When a retailer sets product prices, it considers its cost of doing business, which usually includes the cost for disposable shopping bags provided at checkout. If customers are charged for each disposable shopping bag, where should the money go?

* 8. If there is a charge for each disposable shopping bag, the charge should apply when shopping at:

* 9. If there is a ban on disposable shopping bags, meaning stores are not allowed to provide disposable shopping bags for carrying out items, the ban should apply when shopping at:

* 10. If the City of Renton adopts an ordinance restricting disposable shopping bags, which of the following should it adopt?

* 11. The following questions will help us understand who took our survey.
In which zip code do you live?

* 12. What is your age?

* 13. Which of the following best describes your household at this time?

* 14. Which of the following best describes your home?

* 15. Do you own or rent your home?

* 16. What is the last school level you completed?

* 17. Which of the following best describes you at this time?

* 18. What is your approximate HOUSEHOLD income?

* 19. Thank you for completing this survey. We welcome your suggestions on how to reduce the use of disposable shopping bags to keep Renton a safe, clean and livable city for you and your family. Thank you again.