Welcome to the Pittsfield Middle High School Redesign toward Student Centered Learning Student Survey. This survey is part of the Education Development Center's evaluation of PMHS's implementation of student-centered learning. You may have completed a similar questionnaire last year. Some of the questions will be the same or similar to those that were in last year's questionnaire. Your responses will help us gather information about the types of instruction and student learning that you experience at Pittsfield Middle High School.

At the end of the questionnaire are two questions from Pittsfield Middle High School. You will automatically be sent to these two questions after completing the EDC questionnaire.

Participation in the questionnaire is voluntary, all responses are confidential, and all answers from the questionnaire will be reported collectively with answers from other students who participate in the study.

Please complete the survey by no later than FRIDAY, JUNE 13. Earlier completion would be much appreciated! The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. It is important that you complete this survey in one sitting. If you leave the survey before you are done, you cannot go back and make any changes or or finish from where you left off (you would need to start from the beginning). Once you have finished the survey, be sure to hit "done" to make sure your survey is submitted.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to do this!