1. Phone Survey 2011

* 1. Student Name

* 2. Phone Number

* 3. Distance Course or Department

* 4. Date

* 5. Interviewer

* 6. Hi, _____________________________________, this is _____________ from the University of West Georgia. We are doing a quick phone survey with students who have taken online courses in order to improve our services. Would you please spend just a few minutes with me answering a few questions about your experiences as a distance student in _______ (department).

* 7. Did you receive advisement

* 8. Please rate the advisement you received as a distance student?

* 9. *If answered "I did not receive advisement": Were you aware advisement is available for all students, including online students?

* 10. Have you utilized admissions services offered by UWG to its online students?

* 11. Have you utilized tutoring services offered by UWG to its online students?

* 12. Have you utilized counseling services offered by UWG to its online students?

* 13. Have you utilized any other student services offered by UWG to its online students?

* 14. Please rate the student services as you received as a distance student

* 15. Did you utilize any library resources as a distance student, either by visiting a library or using library electronic resources?

* 16. How satisfied are you with the availability of library services at West Georgia for distance students?

* 17. Please rate the registration process as you experienced it as a distance student?

* 18. How did you initially receive a technical orientation to CourseDen (explain: formerly WebCT if they don’t know)
More than one answer may apply.

* 19. Did these orientations provide you with enough information to effectively utilize CourseDen by the second week of your course?

* 20. If you had problems accessing the course or utilizing CourseDen in any way, which of the following did you utilize for help. More than one may apply.

* 21. How successful was ____________ (answer above) in solving your CourseDen issues?

* 22. Overall, do you feel that you received prompt and courteous student support from West Georgia as a distance learner?

* 23. Compared to traditional courses, how much do you think you learned in West Georgia’s distance courses?

* 24. How would you compare the level of interaction between yourself and your instructor and your peers in your distance course? Was it about the same, greater, or less than in a traditional course?

* 25. Do you think that there are enough distance courses offered at West Georgia?

* 26. If the distance course you last took were not offered via distance media, would you have driven to campus to take the course in the traditional manner?

* 27. And finally, can you think of any other ways in which our distance courses, programs, and services for distance students could be improved at UWG?