Philanthropic Outreach, deliberately reaching beyond the Parish membership to help those in need, not only fulfills the words of our Lord found in Matthew 25, but also constitutes an essential element of church growth. Experience has shown that churches directly engaged in specific and visible outreach ministries benefit from internal spiritual renewal and numerical growth.

The goal of the Metropolis' Strategic Plan is to create an atmosphere in which churches can encourage one another and learn from one another’s experiences in this essential area of ministry.

Your feedback is extremely important. Your responses will directly impact our Metropolis’ Strategic Plan as we attempt to equip Parishes with effective processes and tools to conduct Philanthropic Outreach and create an Outreach Information Exchange.

Thank you in advance for your time to complete this survey and for sharing your information. Both are very much needed and appreciated.

With Love in Christ,

Fr. Aris Metrakos                                                                                               Jeannie Ranglas
Holy Trinity Church, San Francisco                                                              Philoptochos President
Metropolis Strategic Plan Coordinator, Philanthropic Outreach            Metropolis of San Francisco