The Pet Innovation Challenge is a challenge to the very idea that entrepreneurs have to ‘go it alone’ in their quest to do better by our pets and our planet. In addition to offering cash for the most audacious and best-executed start-up ideas, we're calling on creatives, entrepreneurs and industry pros to join in our Pet Innovation Fix. This Innovation Challenge will be held Wednesday, October 2nd - Thursday, October 3rd 2019 at the Factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  
Area of interest include:
- Food / Treats
- Wellness/Functional Nutrition/Supplements
- Alternative Proteins
- Pet Tech (not toys): Tech enabled solutions that reimagine manufacturing, new distribution channels and digital retail models
The application deadline is Wednesday, September 5 and the finalists will be announced by September 10, 2019 and will then be invited to the Pet Innovation Challenge.
Each company will be assigned a mentor to help develop their confidential presentation prior to the conference. 
Information Sharing:
All information submitted by applicants will be shared with The Factory and New Hope Network. We caution all applicants to withhold from application all sensitive, proprietary, or highly confidential information that they do not wish to be disclosed.

Please fill out the form below in its entirety and submit it by 5:00 pm PST on September 5, 2018. If you would like to request a word document of the application to include more than one submission, please email Mike Dovbish at

IMPORTANT: It is critical that you include enough information about your product/technology, IP, proposed claims and benefits, etc. (though in concise manner) that the Selection Committee can fully understand and evaluate the opportunity.