Participant Information Sheet
University of South Australia

School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Researcher: Alicia Crump
Supervisors: Associate Professor Phil Kavanagh and Professor David Gleaves

Purpose of the study
You and your romantic partner/spouse are invited to be participants in a study examining associations between personality styles and developmental trajectories, and the influence of these factors on the quality of romantic relationships.

What will the study involve?
Your involvement in this study will include providing basic demographic information (age, gender, country of residence, current relationship status, and relationship duration) and completing questions about your personality, developmental trajectory, and romantic relationship. The entire questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes to complete per person. Participation is voluntary and participants are free to withdraw from the study at any stage without affecting their relationship with the University of South Australia or the researcher, now or in the future. Once you submit your questionnaire, however, we are unable to remove your responses as it will be impossible to identify your individual data.

The questionnaire involves answering questions relating to personal romantic relationships and therefore sensitive personal information may be collected. It is not anticipated that there are any risks to participation in this study beyond those encountered during everyday life. Although it is considered unlikely, there is a possibility that some participants could experience some level of distress. If a participant experiences distress they are advised to immediately discontinue the questionnaire by closing your web browser. In the unlikely event that you should experience any ongoing emotional distress completing this questionnaire, we encourage you to contact your GP or Lifeline (Ph: 13 11 14;

Data storage and privacy issues
Your participation in this study will be anonymous and no personally identifying information will be collected in this study. The results of this study will be presented in a research report and potentially a journal publication. Throughout these processes, anonymity will be upheld, and no information which could lead to the identification of any individual will be released, unless required by law.  However, the researcher cannot guarantee the confidentiality or anonymity of material transferred by email or the internet.

Questionnaire results will be stored on the survey platform, where the researcher will have access to the data, but will not be able to identify participants. Once data collection is complete and exported, it will be stored on a password-protected UniSA computer server, and removed off the online survey platform. The data will be stored for five years in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the University’s policy of ownership and retention of data. Only the researcher and the research supervisors will have access to this data.
4% of survey complete.