Dear applicants,

The Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP) welcomes your application for a ten-week, research intensive program offered May 31 – Aug 7, 2020. The internship includes a four-week Global Climate Change course coupled with a five-day oceanographic research cruise, and a ten week research project. 

This application has five sections, all of which are required:

1.   Contact and demographic information

2.   Research interests and experience

3.   Short answer responses

4.   Personal statement (PDF format only)

5.   Attachments (PDF format only)

The deadline to submit is Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST.
Pending the results of a grant proposal, we anticipate accepting 16 students into the 2020 PEP cohort.
You may edit the application or return to make modifications if necessary, but you MUST save a copy of your application link (directly from your web browser) on the final thank you page. After the 11:59 PM/EST deadline on February 15, the application portal will close. Be sure to press DONE on your final modifications as well. 
If you have any questions about the application, please contact Director George Liles at or (508) 495-2318; or Academic Programs Coordinator, Ms. Kwanza Johnson at or (508) 495-2177. 

If there is a government furlough during the application period, please forward all questions to Dr. Ambrose Jearld (

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