Climate change, the low-carbon transition and sustainable development pose some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The global transition is well underway and has urgent and wide-ranging implications for companies, policymakers and investors. This requires integrated thinking across the board.

The first section of this survey relates to workplace pension schemes, for a definition of these see below. 
The second section aims to determine the key barriers to integration of the sustainability agenda into broader business practices.

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  • ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance refers to a set of issues, risks and opportunities that are ever-changing as a result of shifting business strategy and geopolitical, environmental and demographic trends. For investors, it can also be shorthand for responsible investment, which is an approach to investing that aims to incorporate ESG factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns. (Corporate Citizenship, 2016)
  • Workplace pension scheme - A workplace pension is a way of saving for your retirement that's arranged by your employer. Some workplace pensions are called 'occupational', 'works', 'company' or 'work-based' pensions. (gov.uk/workplace-pensions)

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