Pender County Government

Pender County Government requests your help. We are seeking your input on services provided and would like your opinion on how well we are meeting your needs. The survey is up to 16 questions long and takes 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time. Your input is very valuable to Pender County.

* 2. Comments / Testimonial (please refrain from inserting personal information):

* 3. Were you provided service over the phone, in person and/or via e-mail? (Choose up to 3)

* 4. If provided service over the phone, how long was your wait on hold before speaking with a Pender County employee?

* 5. If provided service in person, how long was your wait to be helped?

* 6. If provided service via e-mail, how long was your wait for your e-mail to be responded to?

* 7. Were you greeted in a pleasant and professional manner by the Pender County employee assisting you?

* 8. Would you say that the Pender County employee solved your problem or answered your question?

* 9. If the Pender County employee assisting you did not have the answer to your question, did he/she:

* 10. How knowledgeable did the Pender County Employee seem to you?

* 11. How many of your questions/problems did the Pender County Employee resolve?

* 12. How clean were the facilities visited?

* 13. Were you able to navigate the facilities easily?

* 14. The overall service provided was …

* 15. Please share any information on what Pender County could change to improve your experience or streamline processes used during your interaction with county personnel.

* 16. If you would like to receive a callback from the County Manager regarding this matter, please provide the following contact information below: