1. Chittenden County Wood Pellet Fuel Feasibility Study

Welcome to the Vermont Sustainable Heating Initiative (VSHI) feasibility study. The purpose of this study is to determine:
A) Is it feasible to establish a wood pellet mill in Chittenden County?
B) What are different business models for a local pellet mill?
C) What environmental concerns need to be addressed in a local pellet mill?
D) What social issues should be addressed?

Your feed back will be used to help VSHI in its work toward establishing sustainable heating in Vermont.

As fuel prices rise we need to look at local potential to produce heating fuel. At the same time we realize that 100 years ago most of Vermont's forests had been cut down causing significant environmental damage.

From your responses to this survey we hope to find a balance between our need for affordable heat and the long term sustainability of our natural resources.

Please take a few minutes to consider the following questions.

Tom Tailer
Co-Director of VSHI
5 Jericho Rd. Essex Vt. 05452