Welcome to the Vermont Community Pellet Co-op!

Our goal is to produce affordable, high-quality wood heating fuel through community-scale wood pellet cooperatives located around Vermont. 
The co-ops will be able to sell members high quality wood pellets at production cost, making them one of the most affordable heating fuels available! 

       > Member prices will be between $120/ton to $180/ton. This is cheaper than natural gas, oil, propane, kerosene and electric heat. 

Co-op membership will be affordable to all income levels and the co-op will strive to help low-income Vermonters make the transition to pellet heating.

       > Membership will range between $220/ton (paid in full) and $270/ton (paid incrementally over 5 years).

Finally Co-op members will have equal say in decision-making regarding forest health and long-term sustainability of our forests.
This Survey is non-binding and only intended to collect interest.  People in neighboring states are invited to take this survey.  Your information will be kept confidential and only used for the purposes of starting co-ops.  Please note, those who have taken this survey will be notified first about co-op formation.