The California Mental Health Authority Services Authority (CalMHSA) is pleased to announce a Peer Services Stakeholder Advisory Council (Stakeholder Advisory Council) and is accepting applications for membership on this Council. 

Within its role as an advisory body to CalMHSA, the Stakeholder Advisory Council assists CalMHSA in providing feedback and insight into the development and implementation of the Peer Support Specialist Certification (PSSC) program for counties represented by CalMHSA.  

The Stakeholder Advisory Council seeks to maintain the values and best practices of peer support throughout the peer certification process.  The Stakeholder Advisory Council provides the insight of the people who will be most directly affected by peer certification and peer services as they grow throughout California counties. The Stakeholder Advisory Council provides recommendations on the PSSC to better service those eligible for and served by Medi-Cal, with a focus on those historically impacted by inequities in the behavioral health systems, particularly for specific racial, cultural, and rural communities.   The Stakeholder Advisory Council provides subject matter expertise on the various aspects of the peer certification process, from training to marketing. 

Membership Composition 
The above perspectives of the Stakeholder Advisory Council is essential as its members are people directly affected by peer certification in California, including people with lived experience as adults (including transition age youth and older adults) with mental health and/or substance use conditions, parent/caregivers of children with emotional disturbances, and family members of adults with mental health and/or substance use conditions; the ethnic and cultural diversity in California, particularly of those served and underserved in the public mental health system; and subject matter experts in peer and auxiliary services.  

CalMHSA seeks a subject matter expert from each of the following peer certification and auxiliary services:  
-Recipient of peer services, particularly in the behavioral health system (public mental health and substance use disorder)  
-Provider of peer services 
-Peer run organization representative 
-Peer (including peer supervision) training provider  
-Mental health/substance use provider 
-Crisis worker 
-Workforce development or employment specialist 
-Human resource officer 
-Disability rights advocate 
-Educational institution official 

Because of a conflict of interest, CalMHSA members and agencies/individuals who are peer training applicants or vendors cannot serve as a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Council.  

Member Responsibilities 
-Be available for biweekly meetings (initially) and later monthly meetings for up to three (3) hours 
-Be willing to serve on a work group of the Stakeholder Advisory Council, when appropriate 
-Serve as a member for two years 
-Have access to virtual meeting equipment for meetings 
-Request necessary accommodations in advance of meetings 
-Commit to regular attendance with no more than two consecutive meeting absences without cause 
First round applications are due October 1, 2021, and will be reviewed first. The application process will remain open until membership has been established.

Question Title

* 1. Applicant Information:

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* 2. California Mental Health Service Authority (CalMHSA) seeks applicants that represent lived experience with mental health and/or substance use conditions. Please select which group(s) you best identify with:

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* 3. In addition to seeking applicants with lived experience, CalMHSA is seeking applicants that represent the diversity of California. CalMHSA seeks a Stakeholder Advisory Council that not only reflects the diversity of California, but represents communities that are served and, most particularly, underserved in the public behavioral health system. (See Cover Letter.)

Please select which communities you best identify with:

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* 4. CalMHSA also seeks a Stakeholder Advisory Council that represents the array of subject matter expertise in peer certification policy, practices and processes needed to advise CalMHSA. CalMHSA is seeking applicants from each of the following areas of expertise.

Please check which area of expertise you represent. Check as many as apply. Many applicants will be representative of more than one area of expertise. After checking the appropriate box(es) please describe your involvement in the area(s) of expertise in the lines that follow the checklist:

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* 5. Please describe your relationship to any of the above area(s) of expertise that you checked:

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* 6. What is your experience serving on local, regional, or state committees or boards?

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* 7. Please indicate the name of the organization and committee(s) and number of years served.

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* 8. What is your knowledge of and involvement in the peer supporter movement, peer certification in California or nationally, and specially, the Peer Support Specialist Certification Program Act of 2020, known as SB803? Please describe:

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* 9. DHCS has recognized CalMHSA to represent counties through implementation and management of a peer certification program. What motivates you to be a member of the CalMHSA Peer Certification Stakeholder Advisory Council? What outcomes would you like to see serving on the Peer Certification Stakeholder Advisory Council?

First Round Application Submission Due Date: October 1st, 2021. 

Ongoing application reviews until positions filled.

The first Stakeholder Advisory Council meeting will be:  October 15, 2021.