Introduction and information

PeaceWise is a ministry which relies heavily on volunteers. If you are looking at this document you are probably considering volunteering your time in some way to the ministry of PeaceWise. So thank you for exploring volunteering with us to spread the gospel of peace.

About US
Before you volunteer with us, we’d like you to know as much about us as you would like to know - so please read all about us on our website.  In particular, you should know, agree with and be abide by our Purpose, Core Values, Statement of Faith and Relational Commitments.  And if you haven’t already had a chat with one of the PeaceWise team (a staff member, your local Regional Ministry Co-ordinator or our National Ministry Co-ordinator) please feel free to email us and one of us will contact you to answer any of your questions.

About YOU
We’d also like to know you better.  The best way to do this is for you to complete this form. Doing this will help us know abit more about you, what you are passionate about, what you want to do, what your skills are and what time you wish to contribute to PeaceWise. (If you’re not sure what you can contribute but just feel led to be involved – that’s fine too!) As part of getting to know you better we will be asking you to give us permission to contact two people who know you well, so you might want to reflect on who these two people might be, ensure you have their contact details and let them know we will be contacting them in the near future before you start filling out this form.

As we get to know more about each other and pray through the process, we believe that the Holy Spirit will show us how our partnership in ministry should proceed.

About VOLUNTEERING with us
We would like volunteers to commit to a one year involvement – after which we will get together and have a chat about how things are going and how things might change.

However, please be assured that completing this form does not commit you into doing anything or mean you are offering yourself to compulsory forced indenture for an indefinite period!  (So if you decide after you submit your form, that for one reason or another you shouldn’t join us as a volunteer, just let us know – we won’t be offended!)

Similarly, we hope you will understand and not take offence if for one reason or another, we are not able to take up your kind offer. (We will be more than happy to give you some feedback about this if you would like.)