Special Session Proposal

Important information for Special Session Planners:

Special Sessions must fit into the general schedule of the Fire Congress presentations. All General Sessions, Special Sessions and panel discussions within those sessions must be presented in 20-minute blocks with 5 minutes between presentations. Please take care to maintain this scheduling as you plan your Special Session.

Additionally, there will be four 20-minute blocks with 5 minute breaks during a session, followed by either a 15-minute break or a lunch break. You are free to include as many speaker slots in your Special Session as you choose. Keep in mind, however, that if you include more than 4 speaking slots, your Special Session will be split with some presentations before a longer break and some presentations after the break. The Fire Congress Program Committee will determine the scheduling of each session including Special Sessions. For example, the Program Committee may begin a 4-session block with a Special Session that has 6 speakers. Four of those speakers will speak before the 15-minute break or lunch break and two of those speakers will speak after the break. The Program Committee may then place the first two speakers of another Special Session into the next two speaker slots. It may even be necessary to hold part of a Special Session before lunch with the remainder of that Special Session following lunch. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. However, we have made this decision in order to accommodate as many Special Sessions and speakers as possible.

* 1. Session Coordinator Contact Information

* 2. General Session Information
Session Slots are scheduled in presentation blocks of 20 minutes with 5 minutes between slots. See note above in red for details.

* 3. Please submit a short abstract for your Special Session

* 4. Proposed Session Outline
1-5 Session Slots = 1/4 day Session

* 5. Proposed Session Outline
6-10 Session Slots = 1/2 day Session

* 6. Proposed Session Outline
11-15 Session Slots = 3/4 day Session

* 7. Proposed Session Outline
16-20 Session Slots = 1 day Session