To register for this activity, we will need you to confirm the incidence of smoking in your current opioid-dependent patient group, the size of your current opioid-dependent patient group and the number currently receiving smoking cessation treatment. The uses of these data are fully described below for your reference and comfort. You will need access to your patient records to confirm these figures. Please read the section on use of data if you have any questions, or go ahead and select an option below.

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This programme is being run as a performance improvement CME programme, which means that we will track and share with participants the actual changes in aggregated data on clinical practice and patient population health status. Your baseline data will be used for this purpose, anonymised and aggregated with data from all participants. You will receive a copy of the summary data in order to compare your own practice with your peers prior to receiving your link to the training. Aggregated follow-up outcomes will also be published in a peer reviewed journal. We hope that, through your engagement with the programme, we will be able to demonstrate and publish a significant improvement in smoking status within the affected patient community. This also enables us to access educational grant funding which means that we can provide the training course free of charge to you.