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* 1. I am currently expecting.

* 2. I am satisfied with the services provided by Help Me Grow (HMG) / Ohio Early Intervention (OEI).

* 3. My needs are addressed promptly by HMG/OEI staff.

* 4. I understand why my child was screened and evaluated by HMG/OEI staff.

* 5. I am pleased with the explanation I received after the screenings and/or evaluations were completed on my child.

* 6. I am satisfied with the number of visits I receive from HMG/OEI.

* 7. HMG/OEI visits help to increase positive interactions between me and my child.

* 8. The information and material given to me by HMG/OEI, at home visits, is helpful.

* 9. I understand the goals for my child/family in the Family Service Plan.

* 10. Please list one or more ways we can improve services to your family.

* 11. Name (optional):

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