Peterborough Business Survey 2019/20

A local business Steering Group is working with Peterborough City Council to develop a Business Improvement District in Peterborough City Centre.

What is a Business Improvement District?

They empower local businesses and enable them to create a 5-year business plan of improvements and new initiatives for their area. They are a valuable means of increasing footfall, boosting trade and benefitting businesses, their employees and customers.

Why a Business Improvement District?

There are 319 established Business Improvement Districts across the UK, with 13 in Birmingham and 50 in London alone. Successful ones have already been developed by businesses locally including Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln and Bedford. They enable businesses to directly address the issues that matter to them, work collectively to enhance the trading environment, to boost footfall, increase sales turnover, promote business networking and inter-business trading and to work together as an active group to achieve a thriving and strong outward-looking business community.

How are Business Improvement Districts managed?

All are 100% business-led, business-controlled and business-managed. They are funded by contributions from businesses (there are exclusions and exemptions for certain businesses) in the form of a small levy which is normally set at between 1-1.5% of a business premises rateable value (not their business rates). The funds raised would be ring-fenced and managed by the BID (a new Board made up of local businesses like yours) to implement the proposals in the business plan that businesses have chosen.

Have your say

To determine priorities, businesses throughout Peterborough city centre are being invited by the Steering Group to complete this survey and next year a five year business plan will be drawn up with proposals reflecting the needs and ideas of local businesses in Peterborough from the survey and consultation meetings held in 2019 & 2020.

Get involved

The survey overleaf should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. You can return in one of the following ways:
1. Scan and email your survey to
2. Complete the survey online at
3. There will also be visits to businesses to collect your completed survey


For more information please contact Mark Broadhead, BID Chairman and Centre Director for Queensgate Shopping Centre at
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