If you work within the banking and payments industry, Compass Plus would like to ask you to take two minutes out of your day to complete the survey and for every payments industry expert that completes their annual payments survey, they will make a donation to OXFAM’s Ebola Crisis Appeal.

* 1. What is the biggest challenge for the payments and card industry now?

* 2. When do you expect mobile payments to go mainstream in your region?

* 3. When do you expect to see the mass adoption of NFC technology in your region?

* 4. When do you expect to see the mass adoption of contactless technology in your region?

* 5. Payment fraud remains a serious issue. What type of fraud do you think poses the greatest threat in your region?

* 6. Within 2-3 years, what percentage share will mobile banking have amongst other banking channels in terms of usage?

* 7. What is the biggest opportunity for payment and card providers in the next 2 years?

* 8. What do you think will be the biggest issue the payment and card industry will face in the next 2 years?

* 9. Which region do you live in?