1. Your Actions During the "Pay It Forward" Effort


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback on the "Pay It Forward" push we all did starting in January to harness the power of friends helping friends to find jobs.

We've been impressed by the stories of the great efforts people did on behalf of friends, colleagues or complete strangers.

Now that enough time has passed to see results, it's very important to share them with the whole community to encourage everyone that friends helping friends really works and to keep this going!

Please FORWARD this survey to anyone you asked to join the Pay It Forward wave so we can get results on the ripple effects as you all spread the word to others.

Thank you!

Sue Connelly
KIT List Founder

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* 1. Please let us know which actions you took to help a friend or colleague (check ALL that apply, multiple answers are fine!):

  I did this one ONCE I did this MULTIPLE times RESULT: Please check this box for each action that lead to an interview, contract work or job
Called/emailed a friend to ask how you can help
Met in person to discuss ways you can help
Sent or forwarded a job lead
Made an introduction
Invited someone to connect on LinkedIn to give them access to your network for contacts in companies on their wish list
Wrote a recommendation on LinkedIn
Gave a written or verbal recommendation (NOT on LinkedIn)
Made calls or sent emails on a friend’s behalf
Suggested good job sites or articles on job search
Reviewed a friend’s resume and gave feedback
Reached out to a colleague who was laid off to see how he/she is doing and offer to help
Did role playing as practice before a job interview
Identified four strengths/qualities you see in your friend
Reviewed/helped write a strong cover letter
Brainstormed with a friend on career ideas, other ways to apply their skills, suggested companies to target, or how to transition into a new industry
Became a “Job Buddy,” meeting on a regular basis to set goals and provide gentle accountability and encouragement

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* 2. Did a friend get a job (permanent or consulting work) or an interview as a result of your "Pay It Forward" efforts?

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* 3. Did helping a friend also open up some positive things for you, too, in a Good Karma kind of way?

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* 4. Have you continued your "Pay It Forward" efforts to help friends and colleagues?

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* 5. Please tell us a bit about yourself (results are anonymous):