Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training

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Train to be a Patient’s Advocate
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Family Centered Patient Advocacy Education is a one-day course that teaches the family, friends of the patient, or interested community members, how to become part of the medical “team” to help the patient get the best care possible.

Learn about listening and sharing information appropriately. Test your skills in patient safety and hospital policy. Learn ways to pull a whole community together to help a patient who is sick, injured, or in need of long-term care.

Learn a new skills set, now, so when you want to help someone who is injured or ill, you will be there to support their recovery. This program was developed by some of the best patient safety experts in this country.

These are critical skills that will last a lifetime. We focus on safety, quality care, communication skills and much more. Why is our training so special? Because you will learn the skills in the first half of the day and get to practice them in the second half. With mannequin simulators that talk to you, and actors playing the part of the medical staff, you will get to try out your new skills, or observe others from the class on a large video screen and then debrief about the experience before you ever leave the classroom!

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