* 1. Are you your household's main party planner?

* 2. Are you in charge of your household's budgeting?

* 3. What is your relationship status?

* 4. What is your gender?

* 5. Where do you get your inspiration for parties from?

* 6. What types of parties do you regularly plan?

* 7. Are there any types of parties you host that are specific to your cultural background or just a part of your family's tradition?

* 8. What was the last party you hosted?

* 9. Who was this party for?

* 10. What was the last milestone birthday held in your household?

* 11. How do you plan your events and ocassions?

* 12. How far in advance do you plan for a party?

* 13. Which events and occasions do you prefer to host at home?

* 14. Which events and occasions do you prefer to host at a hired venue?

* 15. How do you find a venue?