* 1. Have you ever used this type of "Smart Meter" before?

* 2. What type of meter did you use?

* 3. If you used one of the two meters above, did you find it easy to use? Rank Below 1-5 (With 5 being most user-friendly)

* 4. If you made payment at a pay station, what type?

* 5. What payment type would you find most convenient?

* 6. Would you prefer to use a coin-only single space meter?

* 7. Would you use a smart phone app with a map that allows you to locate and pay for parking?

* 8. Have you used Pay-By-Phone?

* 9. If you have used Pay-By-Phone, which way would you prefer to pay for a meter?

* 10. Were the parking signs helpful?

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