Online Community Survey

Park City Transit needs your input! Currently, Park City Transit is developing a Short-Range Transit Plan that will define how bus service will improve, adapt, and change over the coming five years. Your answers to this survey will help us understand how Park City Transit is used today, what could make it more useful, and who is riding (or not riding) today. This survey asks questions about the routes and services Park City Transit operates. It will not ask questions about High Valley Transit routes, such as the 101 – Spiro, 102 – Gateway / Kamas, or services such as Valley Ride or Microtransit. Your feedback on High Valley Transit routes and services is welcome but will not be included in the final plan recommendations.

All answers are anonymous, and any individual question can be skipped if it does not apply to you or if you would prefer not to answer.

Question Title

* 1. Have you ever ridden Park City Transit?