Thank you for your interest in Gender Spectrum's support groups for parents/caregivers of children and teens. If you are the parent of a child older than 19, please email for other resources.

We have two support group options, both of which are great sources of help for adults who are grappling with the ongoing gender identity development of their child. Both are peer support groups facilitated by a Gender Spectrum staff member; they are not therapy groups. Both groups are for parents/caregivers and other adults raising gender-expansive youth. Children and youth do not attend or participate in these groups. There is no fee to participate in either group.

Our Bay Area Parent/Caregiver Support Group is an in-person support group in Emeryville, CA: this group usually meets the 3rd Monday of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Our National Parent/Caregiver Support Group is an online/call-in group. There are drop-in times each month, which will be sent out in a monthly notice.

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