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Dear Parents,

Our research team is currently looking at how parents of children living with cancer aged 11 years and under, access and use online information and resources in relation to their child’s condition.

This anonymous survey will ask for your opinions about access to health information online, what resources your currently use, and what resources would be useful to support the needs of parents of children who are living with cancer in the future.

We understand that questions resources related to your child’s health condition can be sensitive and may raise emotions for you. You can change your mind at any time and stop completing the survey without consequences. If you require emotional support, the Cancer Council Information and Support Line offers telephone support to anyone affected by cancer and they can be contacted on 13 11 20. We also strongly recommend you contact your General Practitioner who can refer you to someone in your area, or that you contact the support services connected with your child’s treating health facility.

Please also feel free to contact or 0406 876 587 who will endeavour to facilitate the referral to support services.

If you agree to be part of the research and to the research data gathered from this survey to be published in a form that does not identify you, please continue with answering the survey questions. If you have concerns about the research that you think I or my supervisor can help you with, please feel free to contact me (us) on or 0406 876 587. If you would like to talk to someone who is not connected with the research, you may contact the Research Ethics Officer on 02 9514 9772 or and quote this number (HREC ETH15-0106).

Thanks again,

Best wishes,


Dr Rebecca Disler | Senior Lecturer in Chronic Disease | The University of Sydney
Email:  | Tel: 0406 876 587

Dr Tim Luckett | Senior Research Fellow | Centre for Cardiovascular and Chronic Care | The University of Technology Sydney
Huynh Tran |Bachelor of Nursing Honours Student | University of Sydney