Parenting and sexual abuse information sheet

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Chief Investigators: Professor Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck, School of Applied Psychology, Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University, QLD 4222 Telephone: (07) 5678 9085, email:
Dr Dianne Shanley, School of Applied Psychology, Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University, QLD 4222 Telephone: (07) 5552-8132, email:
Investigators: Professor Russell Hawkins, James Cook University. Assoc. Professor Kerryann Walsh, Queensland University of Technology
Student Researcher: Julia Rudolph, Griffith University,

Griffith University Ethics reference number: 2015/861
Why is the research being conducted?

Child sexual abuse prevention programs teach children how to recognise and respond to unsafe situations. Such programs are able to teach children these concepts, but supporters and critics of these programs have called for parents to be more involved in prevention.

We are conducting this research to identify parents' knowledge of sexual abuse and ask parents about some other parenting issues. This information will allow the development of programs that may assist parents to have even better strategies to help protect their children. This research is being conducted at Griffith University by Julia Rudolph as part of the requirements for a PhD. This research is not a part of any protection program and your involvement in this research will have no effect on your involvement in these other programs.
What you will be asked to do

If you consent to be involved in the research, you will be asked to answer questions about various aspects of parenting, how you feel about parenting, your knowledge of sexual abuse and your assessment of risk. You will also be asked some demographic questions. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey. 

You will not need to provide your name or any contact details. Thus, the survey is completely anonymous and confidential – no one will know what answers you have provided.

Completion of this questionnaire will be taken as your consent to participate in this research.

Thank you so much for your time!!

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