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* 1. Welcome, and thank you for showing interest in the Parent Academy!

The mission of the Parent Academy is to provide a safe, educational environment for parents to explore current issues facing their families!

To fulfill our mission, this year, we are providing online educational modules on 6 topics, and each module is followed up with an in-person workshop where parents and professionals come together to discuss these important family issues.

In addition, we are collecting information from our participating families to help us better understand how families operate in relation to these topics and how we (The Parent Academy) can best support parents and families.

In this survey you will find:

-Consent form for participation in our data collection
-Surveys on family issues and family nutrition

It is important for you to know:

-We greatly appreciate your taking the time to fill out these surveys if you can!
-You do not have to fill out these surveys to access the educational modules or come to our workshops.
-You can fill out all or any portion of the surveys and still submit them.


-Free Family Pass to Lincoln Parish Park!
-Light snacks for adults and children at the workshops!
-Activities for children while parents are in workshops!
-Connect with other parents and community members!


Stress ------------------------------------ Online Module Available: Mid-Nov ----- Workshop: December 11
Positive Parenting ------------------ Online Module Available: Mid-Dec ----- Workshop: January 15
Discussing Sensitive Topics --- Online Module Available: Mid-Jan ----- Workshop: February 5
Childhood Obesity ------------------ Online Module Available: Mid-Feb ----- Workshop: March 12
Family Nutrition ---------------------- Online Module Available: Mid-Mar ------ Workshop: April 16
Family Physical Activity ---------- Online Module Available: Mid-Apr ------ Workshop: May 14

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our surveys!