About you

* 1. Are you a sole parent with care of children under 16?

* 2. How many children do you have?

* 3. Thinking about your current situation, what are your main worries about being an effective parent?

* 4. Do any of your children have issues or disabilities that require substantial extra parenting time and attention?

* 5. What was the highest level of formal education you have completed?

* 6. Have you undertaken further study?

* 7. Do you have regular paid work?

* 8. Are you registered with a jobactive provider?

* 9. What is your preferred employment circumstance?

* 10. What assistance have you asked from your jobactive provider?

* 11. 8. If you have asked your jobactive for the following how helpful were they?

  Not applicable Extremely helpful Somewhat helpful Helpful Not helpful Extremely unhelpful
Job licensing assistance eg forklift licence
Updating and or gaining job required qualifications (eg First aid certificate)
Curriculum Vitae
Locate affordable and safe child care / out-of school care
Police clearance
Access or referral to gain work-ready clothes
Transport assistance so I can get to interview or start a job
Assistance and knowledge of my health issues and working with me to find a suitable job
Updating my Curriculum Vitae
Search and apply for jobs
Assistance and support to undertake studies
Inform and support me about Domestic Violence assistance / exemptions
Inform and support me to access the Employment Fund
Refer me to DHS social worker because of my hardship

* 12. If looking for work/more paid work, what are the main barriers?

* 13. Do you think you have been affected by any of the following employer prejudices?

* 14.  In seeking paid employment what would help you the most?

* 15. When was the last time you had ongoing paid work?

* 16. If you are a job-seeker did you know of the following?

* 17. What is your main source of income (more than 50%)?

* 18. Which of the following have affected you in the last 12 months?

* 19. In the past 12 months what is the estimate annual income for your family (including all payments and assistance)?

* 20. Are you of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander origin?

* 21. Are you currently living in a city or regional area?

* 22. What is your gender?

* 23. Which category below includes your age?

* 24. What policy/government changes would make a positive difference to your and or your child/ren`s life?

  Extremely helpful Very Helpful Somewhat helpful No help Very unhelpful Not Applicable
Increase Newstart
Increasing the Newstart earning thresholds so work is a financial gain
Restore Parenting Payment Single
Introduce a ‘productivity supplement’ as an incentive and assistance to overcome the cost associated with employment.
Increase affordable child care
Increase rental assistance (as we live with housing stress)
More affordable housing with secure tenancy
Greater assistance from Jobactive
More ‘family friendly’ jobs in my area
Assistance to study
Assistance for the cost of school education
More affordable transport
Collection of child support
Understanding that I can`t undertake regular paid work until children are in their final years of high school
Understanding that I cant undertake regular paid work as my child has additional health / other needs
Value Parenting and unpaid care
Be treated with respect
Not having to apply for 20 jobs each month  
Not having to do work for the dole
Voluntary or work experience where I am seeking employment
Assistance to protect self and child (domestic violence)
No waiting period for income support