Aerocool Project 7 Have Your Say Program - Introduction

What is 'Aerocool Project 7'?
Project 7 is a new standard for the future of Aerocool products and is the most exciting family of products for us in 2016. Project 7 includes Chassis, PSU, Coolers, Fans and more.

What is 'Project 7 Have Your Say' Program?
We would like to invite you to participate in this Program. 'Project 7 Have Your Say' program allows Aerocool’s fans and friends to unbox/review current or future Project 7 products.

How can I sign up to 'Project 7 Have Your Say' Program?
1. Complete the following application.
2. Once Aerocool receives your application, we will send you an 'invitation Email' before 31st March 2017. Please make sure you provide the correct information to receive the invitation email.
3. By signing up to this program, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined in 'Aerocool Project 7 Have Your Say Program' and Aerocool's Privacy Policy.   

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