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Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to take the Greeting Card Industry Survey!  This survey aims to collect data that has been missing from our industry for too long. 

This venture's success will depend on the great people of our industry sharing and coming together as they always do. As I learned in my time attending NSS as one of the owners of A Smyth Co., my time in the leadership of the Greeting Card Association, and the creation and launch of Noted, this is an amazingly connected and helpful industry. 

Page Three Consulting and this survey are part of my COVID pivot.  This survey is not connected to any of the organizations you might know me from in the past.  The pandemic has put pressure on all parts of our industry, and my goal is to use what I am good at, connecting people and data analysis, to help all industry players make the best decisions moving forward.  

Thank you for taking part, forwarding the survey to your peers, and being a valued part of the community. 
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