English Names in the Korean EFL Classroom

General Information
Thank you for your interest in participating in this online questionnaire. The aim of this study is to investigate attitudes and practices among NSETs (native-speaking English teachers) with regard to using English names with English language learners in Korea.

You may participate in this questionnaire if you are 18 or over AND are an NSET currently teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in Korea. Please read through these terms before agreeing to participate by ticking the boxes below.

The questionnaire should take approximately 3 minutes to complete.   

Who is conducting this survey and why?
The principal researcher for this online questionnaire is Brian Raisbeck, who is attached to the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. This project is being overseen by Hamish Chalmers, Departmental Lecturer in Applied Linguistics in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford.

This project has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee. The answers to these questions will be used as part of a study for an MSc dissertation project in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Oxford. Only the researcher and their supervisor will have access to the data collected by this questionnaire.   

Do I have to take part?
Your participation is voluntary. You may withdraw at any point during the questionnaire for any reason, before submitting your answers, by closing the browser.  

How will your data be used?
Your answers will be completely anonymous and confidential, and no personally identifiable information will be collected. You will not be asked to submit your name as part of the actual questionnaire. Your answers will be stored in a password-protected file and may be used in academic publications. Your IP address will not be stored. Research data will be stored for a minimum of three years after publication or public release. As with all information that is collected, the information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential in line with the policies of SurveyMonkey and the University of Oxford as outlined herein.

Who will have access to the data?
SurveyMonkey is the data controller with respect to the data you provide and, as such, will determine how the data that is collected used. Please see their privacy notice here [https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/legal/privacy-policy/]. SurveyMonkey will share only fully anonymized data with the University of Oxford, for the purposes of research.  

Responsible members of the University of Oxford and funders may be given access to data for monitoring and/or audit of the study to ensure we are complying with guidelines, or as otherwise required by law.  

What if there is a problem?
If you have a concern about any aspect of this project, please contact the researcher, Brian Raisbeck (brian.raisbeck@kellogg.ox.ac.uk) or his supervisor, Hamish Chalmers (hamish.chalmers@education.ox.ac.uk), who will do their best to answer your query. They should acknowledge your concern within 10 working days. If you remain unhappy or wish to make a formal complaint, please contact the relevant Chair of the Research Ethics Committee at the University of Oxford.  

Chair, Social Sciences & Humanities Inter-Divisional Research Ethics Committee; Email: ethics@socsci.ox.ac.uk; Address: Research Services, University of Oxford, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. The Chair will seek to resolve the matter in a reasonably expeditious manner.  

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* 1. Please note that you may only participate in this survey if you are 18 years of age or over.

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* 2. If you have read the information above and agree to participate with the understanding that the data (including any personal data) you submit will be processed accordingly, please check the box below to get started.

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